Crystl.Finance is a premier crypto vaulting platform that brings maximized passive Income to the masses through secure, transparent, & decentralized solutions on multiple blockchain partnerships. This project primarily focused on me working on doing a UI/UX overhaul and redesign, and creating a responsive front-end. Key issues were faced on streamlining design, simplifying user journeys, and responsiveness.  Also supported in creating graphics and banners that would be used on  website and social media platforms.
Jasper PIM
Jasper PIM, is a  Product Information Management (PIM) solution empowering eCommerce merchants to manage and merchandise their products from a single source of truth, allowing them to sell more, sell faster and work smarter. Design work focused on UI/UX practices to help overhaul Jasper's website

Nextech AR
Nextech AR Solutions is a  the engine accelerating the growth of the Metaverse, and a one stop, virtual event platform and solution provider driving engagement and ROI for exhibitors. 
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